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V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Having only been established four years ago, The V2 Cigs is what one can call a toddler brand of electronic cigarettes. Yet, just like a prodigy child, V2 Cigs has already set itself as the standard in the industry. With hundreds of companies and brands competing against one another, this is really a major achievement for the company.

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If there were three words that can be used to describe the e cigarette brand V2 Cigs, then it will be chic, durable and elegant. In almost all reviews of electronic cigarettes, a review on V2 cigs will certainly be found among the highly appraised brands. Without no doubt, V2 Cigs is true to its dedication in providing dedicated customers with the best performing products in the market.

Having only been established four years ago, The V2 Cigs is what one can call a toddler brand of electronic cigarettes. Yet, just like a prodigy child, V2 Cigs has already set itself as the standard in the industry. With hundreds of companies and brands competing against one another, this is really a major achievement …

Review Overview

Vapor: Quality And Flavors
Battery Performance & Length Of Charging
Levels & Strengths Of Nicotine

#1 Ecig Brand

Summary : There's a reason why V2 Cigs is the best electronic cigarette. V2 Cigs has over 1 MILLION customers and with a BBB Accredited Business "A" rating there are A LOT of satisfied customers.

User Rating: 4.94 ( 219 votes)

The Pros And The Cons

No product is ultimately perfect, but listing down all the positive and negative attributes of V2 Cigs, you can certainly come to a conclusion that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Among the highlighted benefits of this brand according to users are:

  • many choices and flavors to choose from to make the transition from analogs to electronic cigarettes a lot easier and more enjoyable
  • caters to large consumer margins as there are many choices for both men and women customers
  • cost efficient and budget friendly
  • hygienic, foil-sealed cartridges
  • properly labeled cartridges
  • thickest vapor volume produced
  • convenient charging
  • attractive carrying cases
  • no tobacco inconveniences

V2 Cigs may have its own flaws, but these flaws are almost trivial and they include:

  • some flavors are far from the authentic flavors of cigarettes and can be a disappointment if this is what you are hoping to have
  • often out of stock due to high consumer demands
  • sometimes hard to inhale the vapor because the device pops

Complete Review

V2 cigs are products that were designed to provide the user with authentic cigarette smoking experience. If you are using it, you will feel as if you are smoking analogs, but you are actually not since you are not exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes. The major users of V2 cigs are people aged 18 years old and above.

V2 cigs is all about quality. The products are constructed and designed by engineers from Florida and From California. The company has assembly plants where the products are assembled and constructed using components that come from carefully selected professional and reliable suppliers.

Customers are promised by v2 cigs with consistent quality. Every batch is comprehensively tested and evaluated. Test results of each batch are even published in order to provide clientele with transparency.

V2 is among those brands of electronic cigarettes that make it known to the public just what ingredients are present in their products. Products are properly labeled, especially flavor cartridges so that the user will know until when the flavors will remain fresh. The company also implements and follow quality standards; checking various factors like vapor consistency, vapor quality, temperature, cartomizer weight and cartomizer impedance.

Package Style And Design

If you are a smoker who is looking for the best way to switch to a safer smoking alternative, then V2 Cigs is the best option that you have. Starter kits from V2 cigs are already complete with all the things you need to start vaping. Once you start to vape with V2 cigs, you will definitely not look back at analogs.

You could even choose from automatic and manual batteries. Choose your flavor and you are all set to begin vaping. With this brand of electronic cigarettes, you will not have any dull moments in making your choices with starter kits.

The Beginners Kit , at $34.95 is the most basic kit; containing a standard automatic white battery, six flavor cartridges, an express charger and a disposable device. You have two basic flavors to choose from, Red and Menthol. If these two flavors are not enough and you want to try other flavors, you can order the sampler pack from V2 cigs.

The Standard Kit, at $59.95, includes the smart charger, an innovation unique to V2 cigs that contains an advanced internal chip so you can avoid overcharging your device. The smart charger is also a means to quickly charge your battery to immediately vape again. There are two batteries included in the kit, 10 flavor cartridges, smart charger and wall adapter. There is also the user manual for you to read and understand to know how to properly use your device. Two flavors in your chosen nicotine strength can be selected when you avail for this kit.

The Couples Kit, at $114.95 is the kit for couples and pairs. All the items included in the standard kit are doubled so that you and your partner can both enjoy vaping.

The Standard Plus Kit, at $99.95, also contains all the items included in a standard kit. The only difference with this package is it has on-the-go protection accessories for batteries and portable charging case.

The Ultimate Kit, at $179.75 before is now $169.95. It is inclusive of all V2 accessories and will surely suit the taste of any dedicated vaper. You have the option for battery color, battery length and battery style. Three batteries are included in the package along with 25 cartridges (five flavors of your choice), smart charger, wall adapter, car adapter, power cig, portable case, metal case, manual and lanyard.

Buying your products in a package is a great way of saving money. Beginner’s kit will let you save $12.88, as compared to buying the items individually. With a Standard kit, you can save as much as $21.30; with Standard Plus Kit, $31.25; with Couples Kit, $47.55 and with Ultimate kit, $76.85.

Browse the website of V2 Cigs and you will find other accessories that you will surely like to order in case your kit does not include them. There is the portable carrying case that comes in Glossy white, stainless steel and graphite. This case also comes in XL size to fit a long battery inside. The metal carry case is a light and sleek accessory for keeping your device.

Vapor: Quality And Flavors

All e-liquids that V2 cigs offer are proven and tested. Ingredients are published and available to any inquiring customer. Ingredients of e-liquids from V2 cigs include food grade flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol. The propylene glycol is an approved ingredient by the FDA as it is also used in many food products, asthma medications, fog machines and personal hygiene products.

Flavors that V2 cigs offer are numerous. Under the category of tobacco flavors, you may have V2 red for an American Tobacco with a sweet twist; V2 Congress for a smooth Parliament experience and V2 Sahara if you are craving for Turkish Tobacco taste.

There are also menthol and mint tastes to try. V2 Menthol is cool and crispy as if you are enjoying yout Tic Tac; V2 Peppermint is scrumptiously sweet; V2 Mint Tea is like sipping your refreshing cup of green tea laced with mint.

Specialty Flavors are what will make vaping a fun and enjoyable experience for an adventurous vaper. There is the V2 vanilla, sweet, smooth and rich; V2 Coffee, Columbian coffee-like taste complete with cream and sugar; V2 Chocolate, for the chocolate lover; V2 Cherry for the fresh and sweet taste of cherries.

Some limited edition flavors are also available from time to time like V2 Cola, crisp and sweet like soda; V2 Grape is summery sweet and juicy.

Just remember that you take care in storing and handling your V2 flavor cartridges not only to maintain freshness, but also for your safety. Cartridges must be stored in cool and dry places. Store them in the refrigerator if you like, but place in a Zip Lock first to prevent moisture buildup. Let the cartridge thaw in room temperature first before screwing it into your battery.

Levels and Strengths Of Nicotine

Another great thing about electronic cigarettes is that you are free to choose how much nicotine you like to inhale or use. With V2 cigs, there are five strengths of nicotine to choose from. 0% nicotine is for simply enjoying the delicious flavors of the juices. o.6% is the next; Mid level is at 1.2%. 1.8% is next to the highest and 2.4% is the highest level of nicotine from V2 cigs. Which nicotine level to use will be based on the nicotine level you usually get from your brand of analogs. However, there is the V2cigs customer support that you can contact and ask for assistance in selecting the best nicotine level for you.

Battery Performance And Length Of Charging

Automatic and manual batteries are offered by V2 cigs. Automatic batteries are always on standby; awaiting the time you will inhale so that it will automatically set off the atomizer. Puffing subsequently will allow thick vapor production. Manual batteries have switches to activate and maneuver. Manual batteries are preferred by many users because of better vapor production.

A full charged battery can serve you up to five hours of heavy use. This will last for one week without recharging if the device is only lightly used. Your style and habits in vaping obviously affects the performance and duration of the battery.

A standard battery offers 250 puffs. Extra long battery provides 450 puffs. As battery charge is reduced, so does vapor production. Thus, if you do not want to be interrupted in your vaping, make sure to charge batteries and carry a spare if you are going somewhere.

Batteries, when shipped, usually have 50% charge. You may already use it as it is, but it is recommended to charge it first before your initial use. This is to ensure you will experience the best right on the first puff you make from your V2 cigs. Disposables need not and cannot be charged.

While charging, you will see the LED light in red color. Once charging is complete, this light will become blue. Shorty cig in 150mAh offers 160+ puffs. Standard cig at 250mAh offers 200+ puffs and Long cigs at 380mAH offers 300+ puffs.

For Your Money’s Worth

One V2cigs flavor cartridge is equivalent to one whole pack of cigarettes for the number of puffs that both products can offer. Replacement is probably needed for the cartridge if the taste and amount of vapor have decreased.

You may buy new cartridges or further save money by refilling your empty cartridge. Cartridge refilling methods are discussed on the website of V2 Cigs.

In terms of saving money, V2 offers Smoke4Free Program wherein you need only to refer V2 to as many people as you can and you will be greatly rewarded for your effort. You can receive rewards that can be used when making your personal orders from V2. Give out discount codes to your friends or family and each time you do so, you will get $15 credited to your account. This amount is already enough to get your new 5 pack flavor cartridges. Discount cards you need to distribute can simply be downloaded from V2 website.

Moreover, V2 cigs periodically offer v2 coupon codes that can be used to get discounts when shopping from V2 website.

Customer Assistance

You may contact V2 in more than enough ways. You can call its toll free numbers; you can request for a call back; you may also use the live chat support. Follow the customer service schedule to make sure there will be an agent to assist you. Affiliate, press and wholesale inquiries have their specific contact details as well.

More On V2 Cigs

2009 was the year V2 cigs was established in Miami. From then on, the company has gained an online base of clientele that includes more than one million from US alone. Since June 6,2011, the company has been BBB accredited with a rating of A-.

It has recently partnered with National Tobacco Company ZigZag, maker of Roll Your Own tobacco and other related products. With this partnership, V2 has earned increased sales; and supplied products in 10,000 retail locations. Before the end of this year, V2 cigs aim to reach 35,000 retail locations.

In Conclusion

If all of these details about V2 cigs have definitely made you want to hurry and buy your own ecig, simply visit the intuitive website of V2 where your transactions and payments will be secure and safe. Surely with V2 Cigs, you will not be disappointed.


  1. What I like about my V2 cigs is that it doesn’t take too long to charge it but surprisingly the battery life last more than one day for me. I’ve tried ecigs with poor battery life in the past and it made me want to switch back to cigarettes. Fortunately, I was able to try V2 and I’m loving it.

  2. Among the brands that I’ve tried, V2 Cigs is the one closest to giving me the experience of smoking the real thing when really not. Tried so many other brands but I’ll stick to V2 Cigs for good.

  3. I bought the ultimate kit from v2 cigs and saved 15% from this site, Thanks. I find it more practical to buy everything you need in one kit. Not only that, you can choose your own color, style, and length for the battery. It really has everything you need in one kit for anyone to have a sweet vaping experience.

  4. This was a good review. Thank for sharing, getting my first ecig kit today! The V2 Ultimate Kit (New EX Series)

    • Hi Isaac! I hope you’ve already got your V2 Ultimate Kit and I hope you’re having fun with it. V2 Cigs is really one of the best brands when it comes to ecigs. Enjoy!

  5. I tried the V2 Cigs beginner’s kit few weeks ago and I really liked it especially there are several flavors to choose from. Now I’m thinking of buying the ultimate kit, perfect for the coupons offered!

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