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White Cloud Ecig Coupon Codes

White Cloud became the most valuable ecig brand overnight when it slashed its prices in February, allowing vapers to experience its incredible battery performance at a modest price. Now with White Cloud ecig coupon codes, the world’s most powerful mini ecig is just within your reach.

The cost of Cirrus starter kits ranges from $49.95 to $95.96 while the Phantom kit retails for $159.96. If you use a White Cloud coupon code, you could get 15% off any Cirrus II, Cirrus III, Cirrus 3X, Cirrus Variety, or Phantom starter bundle.

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Designed for first-time ecig users and casual smokers, the Cirrus II electronic cigarette is just the right size and weight for a personal vaporizer with an easy draw that mimics natural smoking behavior. It looks, feels and tastes like the real thing, but without the negative connotations of tobacco consumption. Each Cirrus II battery can deliver 280 puffs per charge cycle and only needs 90 minutes to fully replenish its power.

Need a smaller, more compact ecig? Try the Cirrus III, which is 3/8″ shorter and 36% lighter than the Cirrus II. This quick-charging battery can go back to full power after only 60 minutes, ready to turn out another 200 puffs on a single charge. With onboard shock absorbing technology, the Cirrus II can withstand the strongest of abuse while you are on the move.

The Cirrus 3X is the biggest and meanest ecig in the White Cloud line. This ultimate vapor machine can deliver a whopping 600 puffs per charge – which is almost equivalent to three packs of tobacco cigarettes. After charging your battery for a full two hours, the Cirrus 3X should last around 18 hours of use.

Anticipating tighter regulation from the federal and local governments, White Cloud created a really cool electronic cigarette that conceals your vapor while still delivering a pleasing puff of nicotine. Aptly called the Phantom, it leaves no trace behind and can be easily hidden with its matte black finish and blackout ash tip.

If you want to try all of the Cirrus electronic cigarettes, you can get yourself a Cirrus Variety starter kit for only $87.96 before coupons. This bundle includes three Cirrus batteries (Cirrus 2, Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X), five SmoothDraw cartridges, a ChargeBolt charger, and an AC adapter.

You can use our White Cloud ecig coupon codes with other promos to boost your total savings. White Cloud usually celebrates special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Fourth of July with a store-wide sale, offering its entire product line at irresistible prices. The 15% discount that comes with our White Cloud coupon can push to around 40% if you use the code during a White Cloud special sale period.

Even during off-peak months, you can still enjoy great bargains at White Cloud because our coupon codes do not expire. Use them whenever you need to replenish your cartomizer stock, add a new battery or accessory to your kit, or purchase disposables for family and friends.

White Cloud is available in 20 delicious flavors and 6 nicotine strengths, including extra strong 5.4% cartridges. Each White Cloud cartomizer lasts as long as two packs of cigarettes – giving you double the industry average for the same base price.

Maintaining a pack-a-day habit on White Cloud costs only $1.19 (less than a dollar if you purchase cartridges in bulk). If you are currently paying around $5 for your favorite brand of smokes, you could save more than $1,300 per year if you switch to White Cloud – plus you get to enjoy the benefit of a cleaner draw with no tar, carbon monoxide, ashes or cigarette butts.

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