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Blu Cigs Coupon Codes

Blu Cigs is one of the premier electronic cigarette brands in the United States. With a style that has become the epitome of cool, Blu is also among the most expensive in terms of initial e-smoking investment. Fortunately, Blu Cigs coupon codes can help ease the financial burden of vaping in style.

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Our exclusive Blu Cigs coupon codes provides vapers with massive discounts on Original, Premium, and Premium 100 kits, as well as individual ecig batteries, disposables, flavor cartridges, and accessories. Our codes do not expire so you can use them as many times as you want.

Some coupons can be used in conjunction with store-wide seasonal sales. Be on the lookout for holiday promos and special offers at the Blu Cigs online store and see if your existing coupon can be combined with the discount that’s running for the duration of the sale period.

Blu Cigs coupons are easy to use. Just fill up your online shopping cart and type the code on the corresponding field when you are ready to check out. The value of the coupon will be applied automatically as you pay for your order.

Some coupons offer a fixed dollar discount while others slash a percentage of your total bill. There are also Blu promo codes that give away free priority shipping or an extra discount on your future order. Make sure that you read the fine print of each coupon code to avoid any confusion.

Why Blu eCigs?

Blu is one of the first e-cig brands to offer a smoking alternative that truly replicates the cigarette experience. Unlike nicotine patches and gum, Blu Cigs gives you something to hold between your fingers and inhale. The taste in your mouth, the throat hit, the cloud of vapor – everything is almost as real as lighting up, except you do not produce active or passive harmful smoke.

Giving consumers more options and more freedom has always been the goal of Blu eCigs. The Blu logo is as synonymous as the Blu Pack – a flip top style case that demonstrates the perfect blend of sophistication, enhanced technology, and ease of use.

Blu makes some of the smallest and sleekest batteries and its flavors from Johnson Creek are among the most flavorful in the industry.

Unlike most ecig manufacturers that source their e-liquid from China, Blu Cigs only uses US-made ingredients and is mixed by hand under stringent quality controls at a Wisconsin facility.

Blu cartomizers are available in seven awesome flavors – Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Piña Colada, and Peach Schnapps – in high, medium and low nicotine concentrations. Zero strength cartridges are designed to mimic the physiological pleasures of smoking but without the addictive nicotine compound.

Blu Cigs not only sells e-cigarettes, it is selling freedom. With Blu Cigs you can smoke virtually anywhere – in the bedroom, in your car, and even while on the move. The new social features of the Blu Pack allow you to spot another Blu user within 50 feet, making it the perfect ice breaker.

Blu Cigs has definitely made vaping look cool. But the cool factor is also what makes Blu Cigs slightly more expensive than its competitors. The entry level Original kit costs around $70 while the longer Premium 100 ecigs are offered in a $90 bundle.

Now with Blu Cigs coupon codes, you can enjoy all the awesome innovations from this premier electronic cigarette brand at a modest price. Get a starter kit for 10 to 25 percent less if you use one of our codes. Some coupons can also be used with refill cartomizers, cutting the cost of each cartridge from $2.40 to only $1.92.

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